DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran and Syria Strengthen Ties in Regional Aggression

Iran and Syria Strengthen Ties in Regional Aggression

Iran's Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, emphasized the necessity of ongoing consultation with Syria in response to Israel's aggression in the region. Baqeri made these remarks during a meeting with Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas in Tehran.

Highlighting the resilience of the Palestinian people against Israeli attacks since early October, Baqeri praised their steadfastness, particularly in Gaza, where resistance has endured severe assaults for nearly six months. He condemned Israel's actions, noting that such crimes have tarnished the reputation of its supporters.

In turn, Syrian Defense Minister Abbas highlighted the changing global dynamics following Operation al-Aqsa Storm initiated by Gaza-based resistance groups. He stressed the importance of bolstering ties between Iran and Syria, both integral members of the resistance front.

Discussions between Baqeri and Abbas also centered on regional developments, particularly Israel's actions in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria. Both condemned Israel's attacks and criticized the inaction of certain nations.

Israel's genocidal war in Gaza since October 7, 2023, has resulted in significant loss of life and injuries among Palestinians. Additionally, Israel's blockade on Gaza has exacerbated humanitarian conditions for its population of over two million.

Amid these challenges, Iran reaffirmed its readiness to support Syria in enhancing its defense and deterrent capabilities against threats from the United States and Israel.

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