DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Niger Suspends Military Agreement with US Over Alleged Concerns

Niger Suspends Military Agreement with US Over Alleged Concerns

Niger's ruling junta has opted to halt a military agreement with the United States following a visit by senior US military officials expressing apprehensions regarding Niger's burgeoning relations with Russia and Iran.

The Pentagon confirmed that a delegation of US military officials traveled to Niamey, Niger's capital, seeking clarification on the country's direction. Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh described the discussions as "direct and frank," emphasizing concerns about Niger's potential ties with Russia and Iran.

In response, Niger's junta announced the immediate cancellation of a 2012 defense cooperation agreement with the US. Government spokesman Amadou Abdramane criticized the US delegation for allegedly disregarding diplomatic protocols and attempting to dictate Niger's partnerships in counterterrorism efforts.

Recent visits by high-ranking Russian and Iranian officials to Niger, along with diplomatic exchanges exploring economic and technological cooperation between Niger and Iran, have raised eyebrows in Washington and potentially contributed to the suspension of the military pact with the US.

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