DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Report Reveals U.S. Funds Funneled to Taliban Through UN in Afghanistan

Report Reveals U.S. Funds Funneled to Taliban Through UN in Afghanistan

A recent government report has disclosed that the United Nations has delivered over $2.9 billion in cash to Afghanistan since the Taliban seized control, inadvertently channeling U.S. funds to the extremist group.

The report, issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, sheds light on the flow of U.S. cash into the hands of the Taliban through the UN's aid distribution system. While the UN deposits the cash into a private Afghan bank and distributes funds to aid organizations and humanitarian groups, a portion ultimately ends up in the central bank of Afghanistan, now under Taliban control following the U.S. withdrawal in August 2021.

John Sopko, the inspector general, emphasized the concerning nature of U.S. taxpayer money reaching a terrorist group like the Taliban. U.N. officials acknowledge that the cash delivered to Afghanistan unavoidably reaches the central bank, given the Taliban's control over the country.

Despite claims of stabilizing the economy and providing essential medical care and food to Afghans, concerns persist over the indirect support to the Taliban through these cash shipments. Lawmakers, including Rep. Michael McCaul, stress the need for increased measures to prevent such inadvertent support to the extremist group.

While the State Department asserts its commitment to providing humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, it acknowledges the challenge of mitigating the risk of aid diversion to unintended recipients or benefiting the Taliban.

The report underscores the complexity of providing aid in conflict zones and the imperative to ensure that assistance reaches those in need without bolstering extremist groups like the Taliban.

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