DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Uncertainty Looms Over Future of US Troops in Niger

Uncertainty Looms Over Future of US Troops in Niger

Pentagon spokesman, Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder, addressed inquiries on Thursday regarding the movement of US forces from Niger, asserting that no decisions had been finalized as of yet. This statement follows Niger's announcement that the US will present a plan for the withdrawal of its soldiers from the West African nation.

"In terms of the movement of US forces, there's been no decisions made at this stage," Ryder informed reporters, refraining from elaborating on the specifics of the situation. When pressed further about Niger's assertion of an impending disengagement plan, Ryder remained tight-lipped, stating, "I really don't have anything on that."

Acknowledging ongoing discussions, Ryder emphasized that deliberations regarding the presence of US troops in Niger persist at this time.

Niger's recent decision to terminate its longstanding military agreement with the United States, declared in early March, marks a significant diplomatic development. The Nigerien government, led by spokesman Amadou Abdramane, deemed the presence of all 1,000 US troops and contractors as "illegal." Abdramane cited the lack of democratic approval for their presence and raised concerns over the opaque nature of military activities, asserting that these conditions imposed unfavorable terms on Niger.

Historically, US troops played a role in training Nigerien forces in counterterrorism efforts during previous administrations in Niger. However, with diplomatic tensions escalating and the legality of their presence questioned, the fate of US military involvement in Niger remains uncertain.

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