DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Pro-Palestine Protesters Block US Warship in San Francisco Harbor

Pro-Palestine Protesters Block US Warship in San Francisco Harbor

In a bold act of protest, a group of pro-Palestine demonstrators gathered at a San Francisco port to prevent a US warship, the USNS Harvey Milk, from transporting weapons and military equipment to Israel amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Approximately 800 protesters assembled at the port, where they voiced their opposition to Washington's support for Israel's actions in Gaza. Photos and videos shared on social media depicted eight protesters chaining themselves to the gangway of the ship, while others chanted slogans such as "Palestine will live forever."

The rally, organized by groups including the Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC) and the Palestinian Youth Movement, aimed to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and call for an immediate ceasefire. Demonstrators held signs and banners advocating for Palestinian rights and condemning the US-funded arming of Israel.

AROC's executive director, Lara Kiswani, condemned the US government's support for Israel, labeling it as "outrageous and unacceptable." She called on political leaders, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to prioritize the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and work towards a ceasefire.

Despite the peaceful nature of the protest, 14 demonstrators were arrested by police, and a scheduled media event featuring Pelosi was canceled due to the protests.

The demonstration comes in response to reports of President Joe Biden's authorization of the delivery of billions of dollars worth of arms to Israel amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The provision of military aid to Israel has drawn criticism from activists, who argue that it only exacerbates the suffering of Palestinians.

As tensions continue to escalate in the region, protests like these serve as a reminder of the growing global opposition to Israel's actions and the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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