DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Global Rallies on Al-Quds Day Amplify Support for Palestine

Global Rallies on Al-Quds Day Amplify Support for Palestine

Tens of thousands worldwide rallied in solidarity with Palestine on Al-Quds Day, denouncing the Israeli occupation and expressing support for the Palestinian cause. From Iran to Malaysia, Indonesia to Iraq, and Lebanon to beyond, people gathered in a unified display of opposition to ongoing injustices.

This year's demonstrations carried added significance amid heightened anger across the Muslim world due to Israel's relentless assault on Gaza, resulting in the tragic loss of over 33,000 Palestinian lives in just six months. Despite mounting international calls for a ceasefire, Tel Aviv has remained defiant.

Participants, including men, women, and children, convened after Friday prayers, brandishing placards bearing messages of support for Palestine and slogans condemning Israel. Some boldly proclaimed "Down with Israel," while others symbolically burned American and Israeli flags.

While the US administration has signaled unwavering support for Israel, President Joe Biden has publicly criticized Israel's failure to adequately protect civilians during the offensive in Gaza.

Al-Quds Day also saw influential figures like Hezbollah's Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivering televised addresses, underscoring the day's significance in rallying global support for Palestine.

In Iran, state television captured scenes of top officials, including President Ebrahim Raisi and Quds Force leader Esmail Qaani, standing shoulder to shoulder with demonstrators in Tehran and cities nationwide, reaffirming the country's steadfast commitment to the Palestinian cause.

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