DECEMBER 9, 2022
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China Criticizes US-Japan Defense Collaboration as Interference

China Criticizes US-Japan Defense Collaboration as Interference

China has accused the United States and Japan of attempting to "smear and attack" Beijing following the recent announcement of strengthened defense collaboration between the two nations.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida met in Washington to unveil the most significant upgrade in defense relations since the 1960s, aiming to restructure the US military command in Japan. This move seeks to bolster the capabilities of US and Japanese forces in response to potential threats, particularly concerning a possible Chinese incursion into Taiwan.

Responding to this development, Beijing accused both countries of meddling in China's internal affairs, citing issues such as Taiwan and maritime security. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning stated that the US and Japan had "grossly interfered" in China's internal matters and violated international norms.

China expressed strong dissatisfaction with this collaboration and lodged formal protests with relevant parties, emphasizing that the US-Japan relationship should not target other countries' interests or undermine regional peace and stability.

Regarding Taiwan, China reiterated its stance that the issue is an internal matter, rejecting any external interference. The Chinese Foreign Ministry reiterated its firm opposition to external forces meddling in Taiwan-related affairs.

While Biden asserted that the military enhancement near China was for defensive purposes, he has also emphasized his intention to establish alliances to counter Beijing's influence. The White House statement underscored the mutual desire of the US and Japan to strengthen their command and control frameworks to facilitate seamless integration of operations and capabilities.

Currently, the US maintains approximately 54,000 military personnel in Japan, under the command of the Indo-Pacific Command based in Hawaii, which is approximately 6,500 kilometers away.

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