DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Qatar and Kuwait Restrict Airspace and Bases from Attacks on Iran

Qatar and Kuwait Restrict Airspace and Bases from Attacks on Iran

In a significant move reflecting the escalating tensions between Iran and the Israeli regime, both Qatar and Kuwait have officially prohibited the use of their airspace and military bases for any potential attacks on Iran.

Recent reports confirm that directives have been issued to the United States, emphasizing that neither country's air bases will serve as launch pads for airstrikes against Iran. Furthermore, both nations have made it clear that their airspace will remain off-limits for any military operations targeting Iran.

The United States maintains military aircraft at Ali Al Salem Air Base and Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base in Kuwait, while Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar stands as the largest US military base in the West Asia region.

These directives from Iran's Arab neighbors come in the wake of an Israeli airstrike early this month, which targeted an Iranian diplomatic facility in Damascus, resulting in the deaths of two senior Iranian military commanders.

While Washington has called on Iran to deescalate tensions, it has also reiterated its commitment to defending Israel against any potential attacks. Despite not having direct diplomatic ties with the US, Iran has urged regional Arab nations to counsel the US against intervening should Israel come under attack.

The geopolitical landscape remains tense, with countries in the region apprehensive about a full-scale confrontation, especially following over six months of Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip. Reports indicate that these nations have already restricted US access to their airspace and military bases for operations against resistance groups aligned with Iran, which have targeted both Israeli and US interests in the region.

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