DECEMBER 9, 2022
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FBI Director Warns of Chinese Hackers Targeting US Critical Infrastructure

FBI Director Warns of Chinese Hackers Targeting US Critical Infrastructure

FBI Director Chris Wray has raised alarm over Chinese government-linked hackers infiltrating critical US infrastructure, claiming they are poised to launch disruptive attacks at a strategic moment.

Speaking at Vanderbilt University's 2024 Summit on Modern Conflict and Emerging Threats, Wray disclosed that an ongoing Chinese hacking campaign, dubbed "Volt Typhoon," has penetrated numerous American companies across vital sectors, including telecommunications, energy, and water. He revealed that 23 pipeline operators have been targeted in this cyber-espionage effort.

Wray warned that China is developing capabilities to inflict physical damage on US critical infrastructure, aiming to induce panic and disrupt essential services. He described China's strategy as aiming for "low blows against civilian infrastructure" to sow chaos.

However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian countered these allegations, describing the Volt Typhoon group as a ransomware cybercriminal organization without state or regional support. Lin emphasized that the US remains the primary source of cyberattacks and the biggest threat to cybersecurity.

The Chinese embassy in Washington further criticized the US for politicizing cybersecurity issues, accusing some American entities of using cyberattack origin-tracing as a tool to target and blame China falsely.

Wray speculated that these cyberattacks may be linked to US-China tensions over Taiwan, a self-ruled island that China considers part of its territory. Last year, the Director of National Intelligence claimed that Beijing aims to develop capabilities to deter potential US intervention in a China-Taiwan crisis by 2027.

Contrary to previous assessments, Wray asserted that threats from China are no longer solely long-term concerns but are actively being planned and executed. He cautioned against underestimating the immediate dangers posed by Chinese cyber activities.

The escalating rivalry between the US and China reflects Beijing's rising international influence and economic growth, challenging the US's dominant position on the global stage.

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