DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Syrian President Accuses West of Benefiting from Israel's Gaza War

Syrian President Accuses West of Benefiting from Israel's Gaza War

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused the United States and Western nations of benefiting from Israel's ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip by supplying arms to the occupying regime, thereby prolonging its aggression against Palestinians.

In an interview with Russia's TV Channel One on Sunday, Assad highlighted Washington's role in the protracted conflict between Palestinians and Israel.

Assad stated, "When we refer to 'America,' we encompass the entire West, which is largely influenced by the United States. The US capitalizes on conflicts, allowing them to escalate before intervening with a decisive blow."

He emphasized the US strategy of divide-and-rule, describing it as a method of control and a form of blackmail. Assad criticized the US for turning conflicts into chronic issues, likening it to diseases like diabetes or cancer, with warring parties bearing the consequences.

The Syrian president further accused the US of playing a pivotal role in Israel's extended war against Palestinians in Gaza. He said, "The United States is central to the genocidal conflict in Gaza by unequivocally supporting the Zionist regime and supplying it with weapons."

While the US presents itself as a humanitarian actor by advocating for aid to Gaza, Assad argued that it perpetuates such conflicts by vetoing UN resolutions in favor of the Israeli occupation.

Recently, pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted US President Joe Biden's speech in Virginia, chanting "Genocide Joe" to express their discontent with Washington's support for Israel's actions in Gaza.

Under the Biden administration, the US has repeatedly vetoed UN resolutions calling for an end to Israel's aggression against Gaza. Last week, the US cast its veto against the Palestinian Authority's bid for full UN membership, further intensifying international calls for recognizing Palestine.

Israel launched its offensive on Gaza on October 7 in response to Palestinian resistance groups' operations against the occupation, leading to a surge in casualties. The conflict has resulted in the deaths of over 34,000 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, and left nearly 77,000 others injured.

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