DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iraqis Optimistic About Erdogan's Visit, Expect Boost in Economic Relations

Iraqis Optimistic About Erdogan's Visit, Expect Boost in Economic Relations

Iraqis are hopeful that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent visit to Iraq will lead to strengthened economic ties between the two nations, reports Anadolu Agency.

Emphasizing the significance of Erdogan's visit, the first since 2011, during which 26 agreements were signed, Iraqis expressed optimism about the positive trajectory of bilateral relations. They anticipate that the visit will play a pivotal role in Iraq's development.

Expectations are high for increased cooperation between Turkey and Iraq in combating terrorism, alongside advancements in trade and economy.

Salim Jafar, a resident of Baghdad, expressed hope for significant progress in trade and economy, noting the popularity of Turkish goods in the Iraqi market.

Mohammad Abdullah Mahmoud, also from Baghdad, anticipates important developments resulting from Erdogan's visit, emphasizing the potential for Turkish companies to contribute to Iraq's development.

In Kirkuk, Ali Suheyil emphasized Iraq's need for reconstruction and development, foreseeing Erdogan's visit as a catalyst for progress in trade, development, and the economy. He underscored the importance of joint efforts in combating terrorism.

Similarly, residents like Mueyyed Abdulaziz are eager for Turkish companies to aid in Kirkuk's development and reconstruction, highlighting the positive impact Erdogan's visit will have on regional stability.

In Erbil, Sirvan Najim highlighted Erdogan's influential role in regional affairs, expressing optimism about the visit's potential to enhance economic relations between Turkey and the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). He suggested that the visit might pave the way for the resumption of oil exports from Iraq to Turkey.

Dr. Imad Edwar, another resident of Erbil, emphasized Turkey's strategic importance in the region and Erdogan's visit's timing amid significant regional developments. He acknowledged Turkey's pivotal role and its potential to influence regional dynamics positively.

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