DECEMBER 9, 2022
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American Students Pledge Ongoing Pro-Palestinian Activism Amid University Revolt

American Students Pledge Ongoing Pro-Palestinian Activism Amid University Revolt

American students at Columbia and Yale Universities have vowed to continue their pro-Palestinian activism on campus, citing the United States' unwavering support for Israel's ongoing military campaign in Gaza as their motivation.

In a joint statement released from their Gaza Solidarity Encampments, set up on the universities' campuses, the students affirmed their commitment to bold action in solidarity with Gaza. They declared that as long as the US maintains its support for Israel's actions in Gaza, their activism will persist.

Asserting that "the future belongs to the daring," the students called for a continuation of their campaigns to challenge the war machine. They urged fellow activists across North America to escalate their efforts, including occupying buildings on campus and throughout the country.

Highlighting the significance of their actions, the statement emphasized the potential to galvanize revolutionary forces and effect change in their communities.

The students pledged to maintain pressure on their universities and the US government to halt their support for Israel's military operations in Gaza. They see their activism as a vital means of opposing the violence and advocating for Palestinian rights.

The rise of pro-Palestinian academic activism across the US has been notable since the start of the US-backed war on Gaza. The conflict, which began in October 2023, has resulted in thousands of Palestinian casualties and enjoys robust military and intelligence backing from the US.

Despite their efforts, American authorities have cracked down on student protests, with numerous arrests reported at universities across the country. The recent escalation of tensions underscores the determination of students to challenge US policies and stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

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