DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Bernie Sanders Condemns Netanyahu's Labeling of Pro-Palestinian Protests as 'Anti-Semitic

Bernie Sanders Condemns Netanyahu's Labeling of Pro-Palestinian Protests as 'Anti-Semitic

Veteran American Senator Bernie Sanders has sharply criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for characterizing pro-Palestinian student protests in the United States as "anti-Semitic." Sanders's statement, issued on Thursday, emphasized that holding leaders accountable for their actions is not anti-Semitic and urged Netanyahu not to underestimate the American people's intelligence.

Netanyahu's condemnation of ongoing protests at numerous American universities and colleges against Israel's military actions in Gaza as "horrific" sparked Sanders's response. The protests, which denounce Israel's genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, have drawn significant attention, with students expressing outrage over US support for the military onslaught.

Sanders directly addressed Netanyahu's attempt to label the protesters as "anti-Semitic mobs," rebuffing the notion and emphasizing that criticism of Israeli policies does not equate to anti-Semitism. He highlighted the devastating toll of the conflict, including the high number of Palestinian casualties, the destruction of housing units and infrastructure in Gaza, and the disruption of education for hundreds of thousands of students.

Sanders concluded by condemning Israeli actions that have decimated Gaza's healthcare system and educational institutions, underscoring the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by the conflict. His strong condemnation of Netanyahu's rhetoric reflects growing international scrutiny of Israel's actions and calls for accountability in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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