DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Displaced Gazans thank US students for their support

Displaced Gazans thank US students for their support

The displaced people of Gaza have written graffiti on their tents, thanking students at American universities who joined the nationwide Gaza protest encampment movement.

The new development came as the war in Gaza continues to reverberate through US university campuses, where students have camped out in tents as they protest Israel's crimes.

"We are supporting all students at all the universities that support us. They stood by justice case, which is our Palestinian Gaza. Yes, this is a message from us, the displaced people in the southern Gaza, specially Rafah; a message to everyone [that] stood by us [including] all [US] students, especially at Columbia University," a Palestinian man was quoted by Reuters as saying.

"These graffiti are to stop the war and massacres that are committed by Israel against the Palestinian people. We call all the world to stand by these poor people to end this war and these massacres. They attack us -- how can I explain it -- they target us like we are animals. We are humans. We were born human," a displaced Gazan said.

Pro-Palestinian groups have called on universities to end investments in companies that support or profit from Israel's military actions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Many Jewish students are among organizers of campus protests, which have been marked with peaceful chatting, reading, eating and holding both Jewish and Muslim prayer ceremonies.

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