DECEMBER 9, 2022
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French police attack protesters at Sorbonne as global support for Gaza swells

French police attack protesters at Sorbonne as global support for Gaza swells

French police violently repressed pro-Palestine protesters at Paris’ Sorbonne University on 29 April. 

Video footage circulating social media shows police aggressively dragging demonstrators out of an encampment in the university’s courtyards. 

“We have every reason, like in Yale, in Columbia, in Sciences Po ... to condemn what we can see is happening,” a student told Reuters on Monday. Sorbonne University shut down its buildings on 29 April in the wake of the student movement, as over 150 demonstrators chanted “Free Palestine” and called on their institution to condemn Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip.

“We are the continuation of the call of Harvard and Columbia students. After the actions at Sciences Po, we are here for it to continue,” activist Lorelia Frejo told AFP.

Just three days ago, wide-scale protests broke out in support of Palestine at Paris’ Sciences Po University. 

The protests come in the wake of a massive pro-Palestine student movement across US university campuses. Police have cracked down hard on the protesters. 

Over 900 have been arrested across several universities since the start of protests on US campuses.

Police and heavily armored shock troops have been deployed to take down protest camps set up at Columbia University, New York University, the University of Austin in Texas, and the University of Southern California in what many are calling a blatant attack on free speech by US authorities.

The protests have persisted despite orders to disband and reflect US youth’s widespread distaste for Washington’s support for the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. 

People across the world have mobilized to demand an end to the war in Gaza, including in several European countries. 

Protestors who carried out a sit-in in front of the German parliament to demand an end to the war were violently attacked by police in the capital of Berlin on 28 April. 


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