DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Russia: US has held UNSC 'hostage', does not represent body’s position on Israel’s Gaza war

Russia: US has held UNSC 'hostage', does not represent body’s position on Israel’s Gaza war

Russia says the United States has taken the United Nations Security Council "hostage," stressing that Washington does not reflect the body’s stance on the current Israeli war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia made the comments on Wednesday during a UN General Assembly debate on the US’s veto of Palestine’s bid to join the world body.

Commenting on Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip, Nebenzia said that Washington’s actions “absolutely do not reflect the principled position taken by the remaining members of the UN Security Council, who over the past six months, in fact, became hostages of the US when it comes to the events in the Middle East.”

The Russian envoy also stressed that “violence generates more violence, and this vicious circle can only be broken if we achieve an unconditional ceasefire and begin substantive discussions about the possibility of a just political settlement.”

The death toll from Israel’s genocidal campaign against Gaza has risen to 34,568 since October 7 while 77,765 others have also been wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza. Among the dead are more than 14,500 children and 9,500 women.

The regime has also been enforcing a near-total siege on the coastal territory, which has reduced the flow of foodstuffs, medicine, electricity, and water into the Palestinian territory into a trickle.

In his remarks, the Russian envoy also said that Moscow “deeply regrets” Washington’s move to reject the Algerian resolution that for the State of Palestine to become a full member of the UN.

In mid-April, the US predictably cast its veto against a bid by the Palestinian Authority (PA) for Palestine to be recognized as a full member of the UN.

Palestine is currently a non-member “Permanent Observer State” in the UN. An application to become a full UN member needs to be approved by the Security Council and then at least two-thirds of the UN General Assembly.

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