DECEMBER 9, 2022
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US Troops Ordered to Withdraw from Niger Amid Cancelled Military Agreement

US Troops Ordered to Withdraw from Niger Amid Cancelled Military Agreement

Following the cancellation of a military agreement by Niger's new leadership, the US military has issued orders for its troops to withdraw from the country.

Niger's new leaders, who ousted the Western-backed president Mohamed Bazoum on July 26, 2023, demanded the removal of American and French troops and declared the US military presence "illegal."

The Pentagon has formally directed all 1,000 US combat troops to pull out from Niger, as reported by Politico. This decision coincides with the presence of newly arrived Russian forces at the same airbase in Niamey, where American troops are stationed.

Troops will be relocated to another regional base to continue military operations, according to a US official.

The coup last summer disrupted US military operations in the Sahel region, particularly at a drone base near Agadez in central Niger, which was crucial for counter-terrorism efforts.

While previous Nigerien governments had allowed US military presence and cooperation, the new leadership rejects it as undemocratic and imposes unfavorable conditions.

Niger has also called for the departure of French troops and terminated security partnerships with the EU. Instead, it has strengthened defense cooperation with Russia and signed a trilateral defense agreement with Burkina Faso and Mali to bolster regional security.

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