DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Yemeni Army Downs US Spy Drone Amid Rising Regional Tensions

Yemeni Army Downs US Spy Drone Amid Rising Regional Tensions

The Yemeni army announced it shot down an American MQ-9 spy drone using a locally-made missile in the Ma’rib province on Thursday night. The statement, issued on Friday via Yemen’s news agency SABA, claims the drone was conducting hostile activities in Ma’rib's airspace.

This incident marks the fourth high-value aircraft, estimated at $30 million, downed as part of Yemen's pro-Palestine operations. Yemen's armed forces reiterated their readiness to counter any enemy plots.

In solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, Yemen's military has targeted ships in the Red Sea associated with Israel or traveling to and from Israeli ports. In response, the United States formed a coalition last December to thwart Yemen's anti-Israel operations. Both the US and the UK have launched attacks against Yemen to pressure it into ceasing its support for Gaza.

Yemen has also targeted British and American warships in the Red Sea dispatched to counter Yemeni strikes.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza escalated on October 7 when Hamas launched Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against Israel, which responded with a military offensive. Since the conflict began, Israeli actions have resulted in over 35,303 Palestinian deaths and tens of thousands of injuries.

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