DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Biden's Gaza Remarks Spark Protest Among Morehouse College Graduates

Biden's Gaza Remarks Spark Protest Among Morehouse College Graduates

US President Joe Biden faced backlash during his commencement speech at Morehouse College on Sunday after downplaying the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza. Some graduates turned their backs in protest against Biden's perceived support for Israel amid accusations of genocide.

During his address, Biden referred to the situation in Gaza as a "humanitarian crisis" and called for an immediate ceasefire. However, his comments were seen by many as insufficient and dismissive of the severe violence and suffering experienced by Palestinians.

Biden's appearance at Morehouse College, a historically Black men's institution in Atlanta, was part of his campaign to reconnect with young Black voters and address their frustrations with his administration's stance on Israel. Despite his call for a ceasefire, Biden's remarks failed to resonate with some students, leading to visible demonstrations of dissent. Several graduates turned their chairs to face away from the president, one held up a Palestinian flag briefly, and an audience member stood with their fist raised.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has sparked widespread protests on college campuses globally. The Israeli military's actions, which began following a retaliatory operation by Palestinian resistance groups on October 7, have resulted in the deaths of at least 35,456 Palestinians and injuries to over 79,366, predominantly women and children.

As Biden continues to navigate the complex dynamics of international conflict and domestic political pressures, his stance on the Israeli-Palestinian issue remains a point of significant contention, especially among younger and more progressive demographics.

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