DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Islamabad Protesters Demand Pakistani Action for Gaza Ceasefire, the expulsion of US and UK ambassadors

Islamabad Protesters Demand Pakistani Action for Gaza Ceasefire, the expulsion of US and UK ambassadors

Protesters at a sit-in in Islamabad are urging the Pakistani government to take decisive action to secure a ceasefire in Gaza and establish a humanitarian assistance corridor for its residents. The week-long demonstration in front of the parliament has drawn a large crowd, including student activists, politicians, and journalists.

Former Pakistani MP Mushtaq Ahmad emphasized the urgency, stating, "Pakistan should intervene in the Palestine-Israel conflict and stop this genocide after the Israeli occupation of Rafah; 1.5 million people are encircled by Israeli forces, who are using hunger as a weapon of genocide and bombing them with sophisticated weapons."

Aamna Jangua, organizer of the Save Gaza Campaign, highlighted the dire conditions, saying, "Every Muslim has sentiments and compassion, and they are very upset about the situation because still there is no breakthrough. Rafah, once a safe place, is now surrounded and bombed. Fifteen lakh [1.5 million] people are suffering without medicines, food, or water."

The protesters are also demanding the expulsion of US and UK ambassadors, criticizing their countries' support for Israel's actions in Gaza. They urged Pakistan to join South Africa in its genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice.

A Pakistani protester voiced the group's stance on US involvement, stating, "The US has created a discourse of human rights globally, yet it supports this genocide because it serves US interests."

The protesters expressed solidarity with Gaza's residents, condemning Israeli actions as crimes against humanity. They vowed to continue their protest until the Pakistani government acts against what they describe as the US-Israeli genocide in Gaza.

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