DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Drone Attack Kills 3 U.S. Service Members in Jordan, Injures 25

Drone Attack Kills 3 U.S. Service Members in Jordan, Injures 25

Three U.S. service members were killed and 25 injured in a drone attack on a U.S. base in northeast Jordan near the Syrian border on Sunday, according to a statement from the White House. President Joe Biden attributed the attack to "militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq," marking a significant escalation from previous attacks on U.S. commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

The drone attack targeted a small, undisclosed U.S. installation housing engineering, aviation, logistics, and security troops. This base plays a critical logistical role for U.S. forces in Syria, including those at al-Tanf, located 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Tower 22 and near the intersection of the Iraq, Syria, and Jordan borders.

Since the war in Gaza began on October 7, militias have launched over 60 attacks on American military installations in Iraq and more than 90 in Syria, using a mix of drones, rockets, mortars, and ballistic missiles. This drone strike is the first to result in U.S. casualties.

President Biden vowed to hold those responsible accountable "at a time and in a manner of our choosing." U.S. officials are working to conclusively identify the specific group behind the attack amidst rising tensions and the risk of further military escalation in the region.

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