DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Putin Warns NATO Against Allowing Ukraine to Strike Deep into Russia

Putin Warns NATO Against Allowing Ukraine to Strike Deep into Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stark warning to NATO members in Europe, cautioning that their proposals to permit Ukraine to use Western weapons to strike deep inside Russia are perilous and could ignite a global conflict.

Putin highlighted that while some NATO members advocate for Ukraine to carry out such attacks, the United States opposes this stance. Speaking on Tuesday, Putin underscored the grave risks involved in escalating the conflict in this manner.

"Constant escalation can lead to serious consequences," Putin stated to reporters in Tashkent. He questioned how the United States would react if serious repercussions occurred in Europe, considering the strategic weapons parity between Russia and the US. "It's hard to say – do they want a global conflict?"

Putin emphasized that any Ukrainian attack on Russia using long-range Western weapons would essentially involve Western satellites, intelligence, and military support, implicating the West directly in the conflict. He specifically cautioned against the deployment of French troops to Ukraine, suggesting it would be a step towards global conflict.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has argued that Western alliance members should permit Ukraine to strike deep into Russia. However, Putin warned European NATO members to consider the implications given their smaller land areas and dense populations, advising them to rethink before advocating for strikes deep into Russian territory.

In a related development, Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov announced that Ukraine is set to receive US-made F-16 fighter jets "very soon." However, he noted that about half of the critically needed foreign military aid has been delayed.

Umerov described the escalating situation on the ground, with Russia reinforcing its front lines with additional manpower and equipment and attempting to open a new front in the north. Although Russia launched an offensive against the northeastern Kharkiv region earlier this month, Ukraine claims to have stabilized the new front there.

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