DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Majority of Young UK Nationals Question Israel's Existence Post-Gaza Bombings: Poll

Majority of Young UK Nationals Question Israel's Existence Post-Gaza Bombings: Poll

A recent poll conducted by UnHerd has revealed that the majority of young UK nationals believe Israel “should not exist” following its bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip. The specialized survey by Focaldata, involving 1,012 voters on foreign policy, found that 54 percent of individuals aged 18 to 24 thought the existence of the state of Israel was unwarranted, with only 21 percent holding an opposing view.

This sentiment is consistent with previous UnHerd surveys on similar topics. In a related question, young participants were asked to assign responsibility for the war in Gaza. Half attributed it to the Israeli government, a quarter blamed Hamas, and 19 percent believed both parties were equally responsible.

Furthermore, the survey indicated that a majority of Britons believe the UK should withdraw from its involvement in the conflict. Specifically, 27 percent of those surveyed advocate for a tougher stance against Israel, while 12 percent favor a stricter approach towards the Palestinians. Notably, 35 percent think the UK should refrain from taking any role in the conflict.

Parallel to these findings, support for Israel’s military actions in Gaza has significantly decreased in the US over the past eight months. A Gallup poll showed that only 36 percent of US nationals approve of Israel's actions in Gaza, while 55 percent disapprove.






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