DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Hamas Welcomes UN Resolution for Ceasefire in Gaza Conflict

Hamas Welcomes UN Resolution for Ceasefire in Gaza Conflict

Hamas has expressed its support for the recent adoption of a UN Security Council resolution endorsing a plan aimed at securing a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Following the council's overwhelming vote in favor of the resolution, the Palestinian resistance movement issued a press statement on Monday affirming its approval.

The statement from Hamas welcomed the provisions of the Security Council resolution, particularly emphasizing its support for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces, and a prisoners’ exchange. Additionally, Hamas approved of other aspects of the plan, including the reconstruction of Gaza, the return of displaced individuals to their homes, opposition to demographic changes, and the delivery of essential aid to the people of Gaza.

Expressing readiness to engage with mediators, Hamas signaled its willingness to participate in indirect negotiations to implement these principles in line with the demands of the Palestinian people and the resistance movement.

Meanwhile, tensions remain high as Hamas accuses Israel of blocking a potential ceasefire deal, citing an incident in Nuseirat as evidence. Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader, criticized the involvement of the Biden administration in the conflict, equating it with the actions of Israeli leaders.

The conflict, which began with the Israeli response to the Al-Aqsa Storm operation in October, has resulted in significant casualties, with over 37,000 Palestinians killed, predominantly women and children.

Efforts to broker a ceasefire have been ongoing, with Egypt and Qatar serving as mediators in negotiations. Previous agreements, including one in November, resulted in the release of captives, but further progress has been hampered by Israeli rejection of ceasefire proposals.

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