DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Biden Resolute Amid Calls to Withdraw from 2024 Race

Biden Resolute Amid Calls to Withdraw from 2024 Race

US President Joe Biden reportedly has no intention of quitting the 2024 presidential race, despite mounting pressure following what many have called his questionable performance in the first presidential debate.

The White House affirmed Biden’s determination to stay in the race through spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday.

"Absolutely not," she told reporters when asked if Biden was considering throwing in the towel. "And you heard directly from the campaign as well," she added.

During the first round of debates between Biden and Republican contender Donald Trump last week, the former seemed to lose his chain of thought at several points, raising serious concerns among his fellow Democrats, friends, and family members about the 81-year-old's health and mental aptitude.

A raspy-voiced Joe Biden, who struggled to deliver his lines coherently, stirred panic among Democrats and rekindled talk of his potential replacement. Late Tuesday, during remarks at a fundraiser, Biden reportedly blamed his performance on jet lag and too much traveling.

Jean-Pierre quoted the president as saying that "the debate was not his best night," but emphasized that this was not an excuse but an explanation. "In addition to the two major trips, he continued to do his presidential duties. He worked late, doing that, and he also prepared for the debate. And on top of that, there was obviously the jet lag you just asked, and also, he had a cold and you all heard directly during the debate, he had a hoarse voice," she told reporters.

She said Biden was "continuing to be very steady, and continuing to work for the American people."

Also on Tuesday, however, a new poll showed that nearly a third of Democrats believed that the US president had to withdraw from the race, citing concerns about his ability to carry out another four-year term. The Reuters/Ipsos poll said 32 percent of Democrats thought Biden had to end his reelection bid ahead of the upcoming election scheduled for November.

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