DECEMBER 9, 2022
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UN Official Urges Dialogue with Taliban for Concerns Over Afghanistan's Future

UN Official Urges Dialogue with Taliban for Concerns Over Afghanistan's Future

Roza Otunbayeva, the representative of the UN Secretary-General for Afghanistan affairs, has called for a meeting in Qatar with representatives of the interim Taliban government to evaluate the current situation in Afghanistan. Speaking during a briefing to the UN Security Council, Otunbayeva highlighted the extensive monitoring efforts of the UN mission, particularly focusing on human rights violations in Afghanistan.

According to reports from New York by an IRNA correspondent, Otunbayeva emphasized the systematic denial of various rights to the Afghan population, including civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights. She specifically mentioned the repression faced by women and girls and the prevalence of public displays of violence, such as corporal and capital punishment.

In her report to the council, Otunbayeva attributed the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan to a lack of inclusive governance and the marginalization of minority groups within the country.

While acknowledging some improvements in day-to-day security since the Taliban's takeover, Otunbayeva cautioned that these gains have come at a significant cost. She stressed that Afghanistan continues to pose a challenge to the international community, serving as a source of instability, terrorism, and a major contributor to global opium production, while also hosting millions of refugees.

Otunbayeva's call for dialogue with Taliban representatives underscores the importance of ongoing engagement and assessment of Afghanistan's evolving situation, particularly concerning human rights and governance issues.

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