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Terrorist Groups Now Enjoy Greater Freedom In Afghanistan, Says UN Report

A United Nations report has come pout with some startling revelations. It claimed that terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda enjoy greater freedom in Afghanistan now than at any time in recent history as the past ties with the Taliban have…
Rocket Attack on Uzbekistan

ISIS-K Claims Rocket Attack on Uzbekistan

A regional affiliate of Islamic State on Monday said it had carried out a rocket attack on Uzbekistan from neighboring Afghanistan, the first strike by the terrorist group against the Central Asian nation. Islamic State Khorasan Province fired…
Re-Forming in Afghanistan
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UK’s MI5 Warns of ‘Terrorist’ Networks Re-Forming in Afghanistan

Ken McCallum, head of MI5, made the remarks in an interview with the Daily Mail. He warned that terror groups may be able to reconstitute in Afghanistan and plan sophisticated attacks against the UK. However, the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly…
Palestinian Ngos

Lawyers Demand Evidence for Israeli Terrorism Claims Against Palestinian Ngos

Lawyers representing six leading Palestinian human rights and civil society groups outlawed by Israel have demanded Israeli authorities share any evidence they have used to justify the ban. Adalah, a legal NGO representing the organisations,…
Assanges Stroke
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They’re Killing Him: Assange’s Stroke Reveals The Western Version Of The Saudi Bone Saw

By: Caitlin Johnstone Julian Assange suffered a mini-stroke in October during the hearing for the US appeal of a UK court's ruling on his extradition case. "The WikiLeaks publisher, 50, who is being held on remand in the maximum-security…
Terrorists trained
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Terrorists trained in Greece to cross over to Syria, Iraq: Sources

Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) terrorists are to be trained in Greece’s Lavrion and will then cross over to northern Iraq and Syria, security sources said. It was determined that a group of the terrorists will be…

UN Urges EU to Pressure Israel to Reverse Its Decision Blacklisting Palestinian NGOs

Nine UN human rights investigators have appealed to the European Union (EU) to pressure Israel to reverse its decision to classify six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organisations. In a letter published over the weekend, the nine investigators…

In A Symbolic Step, Argentinians Line Up At the Palestine Embassy in Buenos Aires to Request Citizenship

In a symbolic step to express solidarity with the Palestinian people, hundreds of Argentinians lined up at the Palestine embassy in Buenos Aires to submit applications for Palestinian citizenship. This initiative came from the Argentine Committee…

Withdrawal of Foreign Forces Confirms Iraq’s Ability to Maintain Security: PM Al-Kadhimi

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said on Saturday that the withdrawal of US-led coalition combat forces from Iraq confirms the ability of the Iraqi forces to maintain security and stability in the country. "In a few days, we will witness…
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Iran Is Ready To Reconstruct Syria, Official Says

Iran's Vice President for parliamentary affairs, Mohammad Hosseini, has announced that Iran is ready to help reconstruct Syria, following a decade of the ongoing conflict in which Tehran was involved. In a meeting with the Syrian ambassador…