Islamic State Down
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Islamic State Down but Not Out in Syria and Iraq: Pentagon Report

The most recent report from the Pentagon’s Inspector General on Operation Inherent Resolve, the US-led diplomatic and military operation against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, indicates that IS has weakened but remains a priority…
Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan
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Envoy: US Concerned About Worsening Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan

A senior State Department official said the United States is “extremely concerned about the worsening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan,” adding the country was suffering such a crisis before the military takeover by the Taliban in August.…
US Prepared To Work with Taliban
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US Prepared To Work with Taliban against ISIS-K In Afghanistan

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price told journalists on Tuesday that the Biden administration was prepared to work with the Taliban to counter ISIS-K. Price’s statement follows three months after the US and other NATO countries completed…
US Complicit In Saudi Crimes
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US Complicit In Saudi Crimes against Yemeni People: Senior Ansarullah Official

A senior member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council says the United States spearheads the devastating Saudi-led military aggression and brutal siege against his country, stating that Washington is complicit in the crimes that the Riyadh…
US Brutal Crimes in Iraq
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Former Prisoner in Abu Ghraib Reveals U.S. Brutal Crimes in Iraq

Although 18 years have passed since being arrested by the U.S. forces and detained in notorious Abu Ghraib prison, Alaah Karim Ahmed still keeps his identification bracelet, as a reminder of the brutality of the U.S. occupation in Iraq. In…
Iran Condemns US Sanctions
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Iran Condemns US Sanctions over Bid to Meddle In 2020 Vote

Iran has condemned US sanctions against several Iranians and one Iranian group for trying to influence the 2020 US presidential election. The US Treasury announced the sanctions on Thursday, along with criminal charges against two Iranians…
Civilians in Syria
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US Military Apologizes For Misidentifying the Bombs That May Have Killed Dozens of Civilians in Syria

After reportedly spending more than two years trying to keep the American public ignorant of an airstrike in Syria that may have killed as many as 64 civilians, the U.S. military has issued an apology – but not for accidentally killing innocent…
Afghanistan And USA
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Outside Looking in: After Afghanistan, U.S. Scrambles for Bases in Central Asia

By Ben Wolfgang , The Washington Times President Biden is racing to find partners in Central Asia willing to host U.S. troops, equipment and intelligence assets that the Pentagon says are vital to keep al Qaeda, ISIS and other extremist…
US Supports ISIS
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Iran’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan Visits Kabul, Says U.S. Supports ISIS

Iran's special envoy for Afghanistan said on Monday that after the defeat in Afghanistan, the United States is trying to support the ISIS terrorist group, IRNA reported. "The aggressor country, which intended to rule Afghanistan for the past…
Afghanistan’s Future
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Envoys from U.S., Russia, China Meet in Pakistan to Discuss Afghanistan’s Future

Pakistan on Thursday hosted talks with special envoys from the United States, Russia and China on the path forward for Afghanistan, where a deepening humanitarian crisis has forced many Afghans to migrate to neighboring countries since the…